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Floately Volta Lightbulb

A few weeks ago, Adelaide encountered a heatwave and temperatures exceeded 45 °C (approximately °F) on three consecutive days. These conditions meant that the beaches were swamped with tourists. I also enticed consumers to do some early Christmas shopping in the beautifully air-conditioned malls. Every year the festive sales seem to start earlier and that relates to precious retail dollars. However, if you really want something a tiny bit unique there are several start-up companies that are offering some really unique products. A perfect example is microbrand Floately who have made a big impact with their magical levitating Volta Lightbulb.

Originally, I became aware of Floately and in particular the Volta Lightbulb via Facebook. The concept of levitating products is really cool and very intriguing. My initial thoughts were that this floating lamp could be a bit gimmicky. However, when the Volta arrived, I was massively surprised at the quality and overall aesthetic. Certainly, the company have made a concerted effort to design an innovative range of devices at affordable prices.

Floately is the brainchild of a group of young scientists who have extensive experience in the commercial sector. Previously they studied levitation technology (primarily for use in the transportation transport industry) and used this expertise for the domestic market. The Volta Lightbulb is their most popular line (over 10,000 units sold) and derives its name from Italian physicist, Alessandro Volta. This pioneer is associated with electricity and power. He is renowned for inventing the electric battery.

As well as looking stunning the Volta Lightbulb is also an ingenious piece of technology. Without getting too technical this is how the levitating magic trick is achieved. Floately have integrated four electromagnets in the Volta base and one magnet in the bulb. Effectively by magnetic force, the electromagnets resist each other, and the bulb appears to be suspended in mid-air. Obviously, to achieve this incredible feat involved years of research and many fine calibrations. The end result is a beautiful contemporary lamp, which will make a bold statement in anyone’s home. It is also very easy to assemble and apart from the mains cable, there are no other wires.

Including Volta, there are four products (floating bonsai plant, a floating illuminated moon, and a floating UFO Bluetooth speaker) which are all reasonably priced. For more information about the company follow this link

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