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Diesel Axial Smartwatch-Blue Denim

A few years ago when I visited Baselworld in 2015 brands were in disarray because Apple had just launched their iWatch. Subsequently this device one the ‘Best of the Best’ at the prestigious Red Dot Awards. At the show, I saw many Smartwatches from renowned labels but none really appealed to me. However, since then more brands have got in on the act and designs have become a lot more sophisticated. One of my personal favourites is the Axial Smartwatch – Blue Denim from high-end fashion brand Diesel.

I have always been a real fan of Diesel and own several leather jackets, shirts, jeans, shoes etc. However, they also make some phenomenal watches at a price point that is very attractive to consumers. Certainly, if you are looking for a contemporary entry-level timepiece with a sharp appearance this brand is hard to beat. That is why it is no surprise they have brought out an exceptionally cool Smartwatch called the Axial-Blue Denim.

Diesel timepieces are synonymous for being bold and oversized. Even though the Axial Smartwatch – Blue Denim is smaller than some of the brand’s other models it still has a 48mm diameter. Personally, I favour large timepieces and so was pleased with the scale of this timepiece. It is also very comfortable to wear and definitely looks cool with casual attire (in particular jeans). With the exception of extreme sports and deep-sea diving, this watch is suitable for most occasions.

Aesthetically the Axial Smartwatch – Blue Denim delivers a pretty mean punch and is designed to make a bold first impression. I love the sandblasted steel case and bezel, which give the timepiece an uber-cool industrial aesthetic. Other features include a really cool blue denim strap, which pays homage to the brand’s stylish Jeanswear. However, this certainly isn’t a case of style over substance. This device is crammed full of features like heart rate activity tracker, built-in GPS for distance tracking, integrated speaker (for alerts, phone calls etc.). It can also function as a stand-alone time instrument and is compatible with iPhone® and Android™ phones.

Certainly, for consumers who need to be connected 24/7 the Axial Smartwatch – Blue Denim is an attractive and viable solution. For information about this amazing watch follow this link

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