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Charles Wright Architects ‘The Edge’

A couple of years ago close friends of ours travelled from the UK to visit us. They had planned the trip well before we decided to emigrate to Australia and probably wouldn’t have stopped off in Adelaide if we didn’t live here. Nevertheless, they spent a few very enjoyable days in South Australia and said it wasn’t what they expected. Their next destination was the fabulous location of Port Douglas. As keen divers they were excited about exploring the barrier reef. They also fell in love with this charming location and recommended that we should plan a vacation here.


Every year we try and plan a winter family vacation in July to coincide with my birthday. That is why North Queensland sounded like an attractive proposition. Whilst we were there we decided to take my friends’ advice and visit Port Douglas. This small town is absolutely magnificent and full of character. The beaches are clean and the high street is crammed full of trendy cafés. As we were leaving we decided to go to the top of “Flagstaff Hill” to experience a wonderful vantage point with unbelievable coastal views. As I looked down I could see the rooftop of an amazing contemporary property called ‘The Edge’ which was designed by the brilliant architect Charles Wright.


A few years ago I wrote an in-depth article featuring Charles Wright’s phenomenal Stamp House. Even though ‘The Edge’ has a smaller footprint (approximately 510 Square metres) it is equally impressive. In fact, this amazing dwelling won the coveted 2015 Building of the Year prize (Far North Queensland Regional Architecture Awards). Certainly, that doesn’t surprise me at all because the radical appearance is pretty mind-blowing.


The general aesthetic of ‘The Edge’ is very similar to Stamp House and is easily identifiable as one of Charles Wright’s creations. This marvellous elevated two-bedroom property is constructed mainly from concrete but doesn’t feel cold at all. In fact, it is spacious, luxurious and a very inviting family home. Every detail has been meticulously planned and overall composition is extraordinary. I love the minimalistic kitchen, 10-metre infinity pool and huge glass sliding doors. This wonderful characteristic perfectly frames breathtaking panoramic views of the forested tablelands and ocean.


The last time this award-winning property hit the market it was priced around the $5,000,000 mark.


For more information about ‘The Edge’ visit Unique Estates Website: http://uniqueestates.com.au/listings/residential_sale-405367-port-douglas/

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