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Master & Dynamic MW65G1

A few months ago, South Australia imposed many restrictions due to COVID-19 situation. Ultimately, this meant bars, cafes, cinemas, playgrounds and restaurants were closed. For me personally the news that gymnasiums were also suspending services was the most frustrating. I find weightlifting very therapeutic and it helps me crystallise editorial and design concepts. However, these events motivated me to pursue different outlets like beach and lake walks. During these leisurely outings, I normally have a pair of Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphones surgically attached to my head. Since my review in 2019, I have extensively used them and find them highly reliable. One of the main factors is the overall comfort and stable Bluetooth connectivity.

The MW60 wireless headphone has been a very popular product line for Master & Dynamic. Certainly, I am a huge admirer of the brand and in particular the design skills of co-founder/creative director Jonathan Levine. As well as being exceptionally talented he’s also very approachable and humble. Recently, I published an article about the MA770 concrete composite speaker that was a collaboration with acclaimed British architect Sir David Adjaye. Literally this product blew my mind because of the industrial aesthetic and superior sound quality. That is why I jumped at the chance to review one of the company’s latest products called the MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones. My preference is the Gunmetal / Black Leather (MW65G1) but there are other attractive colour options.

In a recent conversation with Jonathan Levine, he explained the inspiration behind the MW65 product line. The overall concept was to create an Active Noise-Cancelling (ANC) Wireless Headphone that was suitable for long flights. One of the main factors was to vastly reduce the weight without compromising on materials. I absolutely love the MW60 headphones and feel the build quality is superior. However, now I’ve tested the MW65 extensively, I have noticed a significant variance in weight (nearly 30%). Ultimately this is because the latter is constructed from anodized aluminium rather than steel used in previous models.

In terms of design, the MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones have the same DNA as other Master & Dynamic products. One of the key features is the distinctive lamb leather (wrapped memory phone) detachable ear pads. However, Jonathan was keen to emphasize that these are the most sophisticated headphones the company have ever produced. Certainly, the two ANC modes were very effective in Adelaide CBD and the gym. The sound quality is superlative and this is due to the 40mm Beryllium Drivers. Other features include a fast-charging facility (15-minutes), 20-metre Bluetooth 4.2 Range and 24-hour battery life.

To conclude I feel the MW65 is very competitively priced at $499 and would highly recommend them. For more information about Master & Dynamic and to purchase these amazing headphones follow this link

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