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Aamer Architects Siglap Plain

Generally, I look forward to relaxing in front of the television on Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings. Primarily that is because I am treated to episodes of my favourite programmes that feature aspirational residential homes. I have always been fascinated by innovative architecture because it makes an indelible impression on an otherwise generic landscape. Far too many new builds are poorly constructed and devoid of any design merit. That is why homes like Siglap Plain by Aamer Architects really deserve editorial exposure.

As our cities become increasingly overcrowded and overpopulated architects are challenged to devise clever solutions. Even though Australia has a vast landmass residential plots are at an absolute premium in Sydney and Melbourne. Nevertheless, they even pale in comparison to regions in Asia like Singapore. Recently, I wrote an article for a prominent Hong Kong print magazine highlighting this issue. One of the amazing residences that made the shortlist was Siglap Plain. The primary reason for selecting this innovative dwelling is because it cleverly fits into its urban environment.

Siglap Plain is an ingenious reconstruction (completed in 2016) of a small dated bungalow in a built-up suburb of Singapore. Initial obstacles were the (far from ideal) position which intersects a minor and a busy main road. The property also has a bus stop in front so privacy was a crucial component of the design. Certainly, Aamer Architects (Aamer Taher, Albert Yeo, Ryan Kim) have risen to the challenge and created a harmonious 448 square metre sanctuary for the fortunate owners. In fact, the transformation is pretty spectacular.

What makes Siglap Plain so special is the fantastic range of diverse materials, which have both functional and aesthetic value. For example, the delicately handcrafted solid teak ornate screens are adapted from Bali veils. This natural wood perfectly interacts with the raw concrete, textured plywood, and glass. Notable internal highlights include an expansive double-height living area with mezzanine study and natural light-flooded master bedroom suite. Externally the home has manicured gardens, decking areas, bespoke bench seating (constructed from railway sleepers) and a swimming pool.

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