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Achtung Turbo3 Silver and Blue

Recently a good friend of mine fulfilled his lifetime ambition to acquire an Aston Martin Vanquish. Even though the car is 18-years old and in need of some TLC it will be a cherished purchase. This iconic model was first showcased at the Geneva Motor Show in 2001 and was featured in the James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’. Fast forward to the present day and Aston Martin is in the process of developing a 1,160 hp 6.5-litre hypercar called the Valkyrie. This illustrates how in general our desire for speed and performance has heightened over the years. It has also influenced designers and brands to create automobile inspired products. A great example can be found in Achtung cool Turbo3 Silver and Blue timepiece.

Late last year I published a review about the Racing Skeleton from Achtung. This watch exudes generous proportions and has a 316L case measuring 47mm x 47mm. The timepiece illustrates how tastes are changing and how buyers now have a preference for larger models. Achtung is one of the many brands represented in Asia by TERRA VIVENDI GROUP (TVG). This company is owned by Alex Neo, who suggested my global readers might be interested in one of their latest models called the Turbo3 Silver and Blue.

Very kindly Alex Neo send me an Achtung Turbo3 Silver and Blue for review purpose. My first impressions of this timepiece are that it has a really high-quality appearance. In fact, it is massively surprising that you can purchase a watch of this calibre for $590. Even more impressive the timepiece is limited to only 28-pieces worldwide. To put this in context a SEVENFRIDAY watch using a similar Japanese Miyota automatic movement, (with mineral instead of sapphire crystal) will cost you twice as much. Therefore, in my opinion, the Turbo3 Silver and Blue is really good value.

Visually the Achtung Turbo3 Silver and Blue has a bold industrial appearance that has been really well-conceived. Highlights include a day/night indication, small seconds speedometer style sub-dial and open-worked hour/minute hands. Other feature an enlarged number three (to denote Achtung’s 3rd Year Anniversary) sapphire crystal and a distinctive oversized crown. I also love the small aperture (located 7 o’clock) which reveals elements of the Miyota mechanical movement. Overall the sporty automotive composition is very effective, and the quality is high class.

This cool watch from Achtung is presented on a high blue quality calf leather strap with complimentary stainless steel buckle. To purchase the Turbo3 Silver and Blue follow this link

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