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Frank Buchwald Nixie Machine III

Over the last decade Maximilian Büsser has proved his worth as an innovator and entrepreneur. No one can dispute the success of his own luxury brand MB & F (Maximilian Büsser and Friends). With the assistance of Michael Tay and his exclusive ‘Hour Glass’ retail outlets, collectors (mostly Asian) have revelled in new designs. One of the latest models called the Horological Machine N°10 “Bulldog” is an absolute revelation and one of my personal favourites. Of the two models I feel the titanium variant is more cohesive than the 18k 5N+ red gold edition.

As well as manufacturing exquisite timepieces for wealthy collectors, Maximilian Büsser has also established a successful gallery chain called M.A.D.Gallery. Originally they were located in Geneva but now have expanded to Dubai, Hong Kong and Taipei. Essentially, these outlets have been a great platform for individual ateliers that otherwise may remain anonymous. A great example is German-born artist Frank Buchwald.

The last time I featured Frank Buchwald on Total Design Reviews was nearly 4-years ago in 2016. I produced a detailed appraisal of his magnificent Nixie Machine, which also came with a hefty price tag of CHF 24,800. His latest creation called the Nixie Machine III (limited to 18-pieces) is even more distinctive than its predecessors. However, it is also pertinent to mention that it’s even more expensive at CHF 32’000. Therefore, I would imagine it will only appeal l to a very small demographic.

Nixie technology is experiencing a renaissance period and I have recently reviewed a couple of cool watches. Probably my favourite is a four-tube titanium model created by Igor Gudiy of NixieHorizonte. For $1,217 I personally think this is an incredible timepiece that is designed to make a bold impression. Frank Buchwald’s Nixie Machine III is pretty special and every element is meticulously handcrafted from stainless steel in his industrial warehouse studio. Aesthetically, this creation has a refined architectural appearance and displays time on six vertical tubes. Beneath the façade is a complex electronic system that is wi-fi enabled. This ensures constant accuracy and ease of use for the recipient.

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