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Master & Dynamic MW60 (Wireless over ear headphones)

A few years ago I had a random accident, which rendered me wheelchair bound for 6 months. Ironically the incident occurred while playing a friendly game of tennis with my wife. Essentially I had an awkward fall that broke my wrist (several places) and fractured my Neca Femur (hip). Due to my age this event massively amused the staff at the hospital I recuperated at. Even though it took me well over a year to recover properly the experience was enlightening. In fact, it was a catalyst for changing my diet and general well being. As part of my rehabilitation I was encouraged to do as much walking as possible.

On a daily basis I tend to walk around 10km a day, which helps we to crystallise new ideas for product designs, book concepts and reviews for my website. A crucial part of this enjoyable regime is music and that is why very good headphones are important. For years I used the tiny earbuds that constantly dropped out and didn’t really have the sound quality required. In contrast the new MW60 over ear headphones from Master & Dynamics are pretty mind blowing.

Master & Dynamics was established by New York, based Entrepreneur Jonathan Levine in 2014. His teenage sons influenced him the enter the highly competitive audio market. At the time they were using inferior products that weren’t designed to last. Ultimately Jonathan was more interested in quality and design than price point. These characteristics are certainly evident in their products including the MA770 (concrete speaker)  MW65 (noise cancelling) and MW60 (over-ear) headphones.

Within the range of MW60 (Wireless over-ear headphones), there are several distinctive models to choose from. I opted for the black and camouflage version because they have a cool, urban aesthetic. Everything about the design of this product is the epitome of quality and style. Master & Dynamic has used the finest material in construction including genuine lamb leather (earpads) premium cowhide (headband) and lightweight anodized aluminium (antenna). These exceptional headphones also have durable stainless foldable steel hinges and Neodymium High-Performance Drivers.

Even though purists might prefer to hook up their headphones to ridiculously high quality (and exceeding expensive) stereo equipment I depend on a wireless connection. Certainly, the flexibility of being able to listen to all my favourite tracks on the move is a prerequisite. The fabulous MW60 definitely delivers on that front and are Bluetooth 4.1 compatible. Simply put the sound is exceptional and definitely puts other products into the shade. For that reason, I would highly recommend investing $199 on this sensational audio device.

To purchase these phenomenal wireless headphones, follow this link

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