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Chen + Suchart Studio Little Art Studio

Even though I don’t in way perceive myself as a gambler I do occasionally (every week) purchase a lottery ticket. I realise the odds of winning are extremely unlikely and do not anticipate a large windfall in the foreseeable future. However, it is a bit of fun and I often daydream how to spend my (imaginary) gambit. One of my aspirations would be to design a modernistic concrete and glass home in collaboration with a renowned architect. Certainly, there are several to chose from in Australia many who have a passion for minimalism. On the wish list would be an Infiniti edge pool, cinema, chef style industrial steel kitchen and maybe most importantly an artist studio. Potentially this last requirement could be situated in a separate annexe similar to Chen + Suchart Studio Little Art Studio.

A few days ago I watched an old episode of Grand Designs Australia hosted by the enigmatic architect Peter Maddison. This particular instalment featured two artists with a vision to build a contemporary art gallery style home in rural Victoria. The end result was pretty remarkable and even Peter Maddison was lost for words. What made the project so special was the crisp white minimalistic composition that was punctuated with colourful paintings and artwork. Even the in-house studio had a sense of calm and tranquillity. However, if money was no object why not go a stage further and create a stand-alone creative hub like the owners of Little Art Studio have.

Generally, I am not envious of what other people own and feel comparisons are pointless. However, as a designer/artist I would love to add a building like Little Art Studio to my own home. The strength of this building lies in its simplicity and a select choice of contemporary features. Chen + Suchart have effectively used concrete, steel and glass to devise a Zhen like space for their client. This amazing structure is an addition to the owners existing residence, which is located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Therefore, the property also enjoys dramatic views of the desert landscape and the formidable Camelback Mountain.

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