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WOLKOV Super Chrome Edition

At the moment the news is dominated by COVID-19 and that is having a broad impact worldwide. In Australia, people are purchasing toilet rolls like they are going out of fashion. it is a worrying time and is a reminder of how fragile our planet really is. Nevertheless (in the best way possible) it is good to maintain some type of normality. That is why I am still focusing on writing on delivering decent content about talented designers. A great example is William Volcoff who is the self-proclaimed creative mastermind of WOLKOV. Certainly, I believe that statement is meant in a playful manner. However, judging by the quality of his new Super Chrome Edition it is apparent William is abundantly talented.

Even though Baselword and Watch & Wonders cancelled their annual shows there is still a lot of activity in the watch world. Presently designers are creating very unusual watches at more affordable prices. Certainly, that is the case in point with WOLKOV’s exciting new Super Chrome Edition. This timepiece is really striking and looks unlike anything else on the market. If you love bold Avant-Garde designs this amazing dual face watch (sapphire crystal both sides) is designed to attract attention.

In a world dominated by generic products, it is refreshing to see a watch like the Super Chrome Edition. The first thing that I noticed about this timepiece is the elongated detachable curvaceous lugs (which are connected to the strap). This characteristic perfectly complements the highly polished 316L stainless oval shape steel case. I really love both dials, which have a completely different identity. Face A (Super 8) is black with silver markers and a huge number 8 that your eye instantly draws to. In contrast Face B (Super XII) is white with two time zones and an oversize XII (Roman numerals). In my opinion, Face A has a more classical appearance and Face has a sporty aesthetic. However, this is a timepiece that could be worn for both formal and casual occasions. As the watch is only water-resistant to 3ATM I would recommend for activities like swimming or diving.

One of the coolest features about the Super Chrome Edition is the innovative clip system that enables uses to alternate between Face A and Face B effortlessly. For $680 you get a really cool dual face timepiece and four additional straps (with detachable lugs). Powering the watch is a Chinese automatic Peacock Cal. SL1701 for Face 1 and two Japanese made Miyota movements (9T22 for the H/Min and the 9T33 for the second’s hands) for Face B. Overall it’s a great concept that should appeal to appreciators of contemporary design.

To purchase the Super Chrome Edition and find out about future releases follow this link

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