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Over the last few years, I have become a lot more conscious about my health and general well being. In my university days (many eons ago) I drank copious amount of beer and had a staple diet of junk food. Certainly, I don’t regret this lifestyle as it was a rite of passage. As a man in my early fifties, there are comprises and adjustment that are required to stay relatively slim. Some of the main changes I have made are eliminating processed food, reducing my alcohol consumption and intake of meat (mainly plant-based). However, there are indulgences like dark chocolate and espresso coffee that I simply can’t live without.

Most people would describe me a visual person because I am passionate about good design. Many of the architect-designed houses I feature on my website and in books have spectacular kitchens with high-end appliances. One of the most popular products are coffee machines and there are some extraordinary pieces available on the market. For example, Paolo Mastrogiuseppe (Super Veloce) automotive-inspired creations defy belief. However, if you want a beautifully crafted espresso maker that is known electric, portable and affordable you can’t do much better than ROK.

I became of ROK Coffee a few years ago and immediately purchased one of their ESPRESSOGC machines. Ultimately, this contraption is so ridiculously easy to use. Literally, you fill the portafilter lock in place, fill the top vessel with hot water and pull the dual levers down. Designer Patrick Hunt states the quality of the coffee and texture of the bean is integral to the overall result. Therefore, it is advisable to select a quality blend and tamper down to avoid any air gaps. Certainly, I have never had any issues and enjoy a delightful espresso every morning without exception.

Aesthetically the ROK ESPRESSOGC machines are absolutely delightful and make a bold statement in anyone’s kitchen. In fact, friends often comment about the innovative minimalistic design of this device. Originally they were only available in polished aluminium but now there are colourful additions. Recently, the company designed an accompanying non-electric grinder, which also has a strong visual identity and is exceptionally easy to use.

With prices ranging from £149 – £169 for the espresso machines and £159 for the grinder pure style is accessible for everyone. For more information about the company follow this link

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