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Glenn Murcutt Walsh House

I truly consider myself very lucky that I have developed a symbiotic relationship with a renowned publisher. Not only do they strive to produce high quality books but they also give their authors an enormous amount of creative autonomy. Recently I completed two more books for them about modern architecture and luxury design. How the process works is that I supply images, text etc., then get assigned an editor to shape the project. Fortunately, the editor is very discerning and has a really keen interest in contemporary residential homes. In fact, it was the editor who suggested that I research the work of innovative Australian architect, Glenn Murcutt. Interestingly I was already aware of his work because he was featured in a tribute to the work of legendary designer Harry Seidler.

It would be fair to say that in the world of building design Glenn Murcutt really has become an institution. He is the only western architect that has ever been employed by the Islamic community to design a Mosque and the results were astonishing. Even though the documentary which chronicled the 10 year project was very interesting, I was more captivated by his residential projects. In particular, I love the aesthetic of a property he created between 2001-2005. This single family residential home called the ‘Walsh House’ is situated in the picturesque location of Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales (160km South of Sydney) Australia.

What makes Glenn Murcutt really special as an architect is the simplicity and meticulous attention to detail. The ‘Walsh House’ isn’t pretentious at all and that translates in the rustic materials used to fabricate the exterior. However, internally the dwelling has a more luxurious contemporary appearance. I love the massive expanse of glass that floods light through the property and makes it exceptionally inviting. Certainly this isn’t the most expensive home I have featured on Total Design Reviews but the integrity of the design is on par.

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