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More Australian Craft Gin Producers

Approximately three years ago in 2017 I researched the exciting world of craft gin making and actually wrote several articles about this fascinating subject. This unique form of distilling seems to have really resonated with consumers in on a global scale. In fact, in Australia, there are several bars exclusively dedicated to this pure tasting Juniper based spirit. For that reason, it has enticed the youthful exuberance of many budding entrepreneurs to enter this lucrative market.

Over the last few months, I have become addicted to gin and rather than mixing with (the traditional choice) of tonic opted for soda water. Ultimately this allows me to appreciate the bold botanical essences used. As the passion for this exciting topic hasn’t diminished I decided to do a follow-up article to include some new and exciting varieties. Here are five really distinctive spirits that I would highly recommend.

Killara Distillery

Killara Distillery is owned by Kristy Lark and is located in the vibrant city of Hobart, Tasmania. The business was inspired by Kristy’s parents who themselves are veterans in the whiskey industry. As well as producing whiskey the company also manufactures an exquisite small batch gin called Apothecary. This spirit comes in either 250ml or 500ml bottles and uses the finest botanicals. As an added bonus a percentage of the sales also go to Pademelon Park Wildlife Refuge, which helps orphaned and injured animals. Certainly, this beverage lives up to expectations and is really smooth on the palette.

For more information about Killara Distillery follow this link 

Distillery Botanica

Previously I featured New South Wales based company ‘Distillery Botanica’ in my article entitled ‘Australian Craft Gin’. The powerhouse behind the business is Philip Moore who has won many accolades over the years. In fact, I personally have tested his gold medal winning (IWSC 2017, London) ‘Moore’s Dry Gin’ and their ‘Distillery Botanica Gin’ and am incredibly impressed with the crisp, fresh taste. That is why I was keen to include their latest spirit called ‘Roots and Leaves Dry Gin’. This amazing spirit contains spicy roots like ginger, angelica, galangal, Macedonian juniper berries and aromatic citrus leaves all sourced from Philip’s garden.

For more information about Distillery Botanica follow this link 

Southern Wild Distillery

Southern Wild is an exciting boutique distillery located in the heart of Devonport, Tasmania. Their Master distiller, George Burgess has an extensive amount of industry experience and a passion for fine produce. Over the last few weeks I have been liaising with the company and they very kindly sent me a special ‘Dasher + Fisher Christmas gift pack. This comprises Cherry Gin, Sloe Gin and a remarkable multi-award winning Strawberry Gin. All of the spirits incorporate a magnificent range of Tasmanian botanicals, which are delectable to the palate.

For more information about Southern, Wild Distillery follow this link 

Archie Rose Distilling Co.

Archie Rose is a multi-award winning distillers located in Rosebery, New South Wales, Australia. Previously I featured this exclusive brand in my article entitled ‘The Genius of Craft Gin Producers’ II. I was so impressed with their business model that tailors a range of spirits to the client specifications. The gin I received not only tasted fantastic but also had my name printed on the label. Certainly this impressed numerous of my friends when they visited our home for a meal. Recently the company won a double gold medal for their ‘Distiller’s Strength Gin’ which subtly combines 16 different botanicals (16 botanicals including fresh pears, rose petals, elderflower, juniper and distilled honey).

For more information about Archie Rose, Distilling Co. follow this link 

Four Pillars Gin

Four Pillars Gin is synonymous with producing high-quality spirits targeted at discerning clients. Located just outside Melbourne in a suburb of Healesville, Victoria they have gained a solid national and international reputation. Back in December 2017, I include them in my article entitled ‘The Genius of Craft Gin Producers’ II (with Archie Rose Distilling Co.). At that stage, they had just released a sensational ‘Australian Christmas Gin’, which tastes absolutely delightful. That is why I was really intrigued by to sample their ‘Bloody Shiraz Gin’. This exceptional spirit uses the finest Yarra Valley Shiraz grapes to achieve its depth of colour and rich indulgent flavour.

For more information about Four Pillars Gin follow this link https://www.fourpillarsgin.com.au

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