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Baragaño casaMONTAÑA

A few years ago myself, wife and then 2-year old son decided to emigrate from the UK to South Australia. Even though this was a monumental move we retained properties in England just in case we didn’t adjust to the Antipodean lifestyle. However, 6-years on we all agree that it was the best decision we ever made. Sure, we miss family members and good friends. Nevertheless, now we are citizens in this amazing country it would be hard to envisage moving back.

For a Brit moving to Australia it is a pretty easy transition because there is no language barrier and getting a driver license is almost instantaneous. However, a lot of my UK comrades gravitate towards idyllic Mediterranean locations like Spain and Italy. Certainly, I can see the appeal and nearly bought a residence in Lisbon, Portugal a few years ago myself. There are many challenges involved including many cultural differences. Nevertheless, these barriers didn’t deter English clients from commissioning Sergio Baragaño Cachón to create an oasis for them in the Asturian region of Spain called casaMONTAÑA. Although it is pertinent to mention this is in fact a second home for the fortunate clients.

More frequently on TV, magazines and social media are smaller properties being showcased. It illustrates that architects are finding more innovative solutions to counter balance budgetary restrictions. In know way am I suggesting that casaMONTAÑA was a cheap property to build. However, in the general scheme of things (relatively speaking) you are not talking about a multi million dollar grand designs scenario. This is a wonderfully designed home that isn’t beyond the realms of possibility for professionals.

casaMONTAÑA began life in a factory where the main structure was pre fabricated. At this stage it was transported 600km over the Cantabrian mountain range to its final destination in Valdés (Asturias). This efficient modular building solution is definitely a snapshot of the future as the finished product looks amazing. The home exudes clean lines and is a minimalists dream. Sergio Baragaño Cachón (and team) have used every trick in the book to produce a harmonious residence for their discerning English clients. Only the finest materials have been used both internally and externally to create an architectural gem that will last the test of time.

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