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Ltd Architectural Back Country House

Just over a year ago myself and family treated ourselves to fantastic cruise around New Zealand. As a child I had always dreamed of visiting this amazing country and certainly was disappointed. In fact, arriving by ship is delightful because you are greeted by the awesome Milford Sound Fiords located at the tip of the South Island. This is one of the regions most famous tourist destinations and is described by Rudyard Kipling as the eighth Wonder of the World. As well as being considered as an area of outstanding natural beauty there are also some ground breaking residential homes. A great example is Back Country House by Ltd Architectural.

Ltd Architectural is a progressive design firm located in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. The practice is owned by former carpenter (turned architect) David Maurice and architectural designer Joseph Long. A few days ago I saw a post on LinkedIn profiling a property they had designed called Back Country House. The understated aesthetic of this fantastic home instantly resonated with me it is similar many I featured in a book (written for Schiffer Publishing) about Australian Architecture.

Even though I have written about many extravagant (multi million dollar) homes on Total Design Reviews I am still impressed with more modest offerings. Closer to home one of the owners of a leading Adelaide based architecture firm has just completed a phenomenal house for himself and his family. Although it features many inspired design details the overall budget is reasonable. Certainly the same can be said for Back Country House, which is definitely attainable for most professional clients.

What makes Back Country House so special is the abundant use of locally sourced bandsawn macrocarpa, which is present inside and out. This means the dwelling fits perfectly into its secluded rural environment. The residence might not be huge in scale but it definitely punches well above its weight in terms of style. Ltd Architectural have definitely included many luxurious feature like a bespoke kitchen, distinctive wood burner and outdoor hot tubs. It even has passive heating ventilation and high performance insulation, which make it sustainable.

In my opinion Back Country House illustrates clearly that you don’t (necessarily) need an expansive budget to create a wonderful piece of architecture.


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