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Hervé Stadelmann ‘Robotyps’

A good friend of mine called Christopher Green recently started painting again after a substantial sabbatical period. In the nicest way Chris was always one of those people you felt envious about because he has such an abundance of natural ability. I can produce large realistic artworks but they involve an enormous amount of effort and push me to the creative brink. Chris on the other hand seems to be able to produce wonderful pieces of artwork at will. Recently his subject matter has focused on skulls and robot toys. This is why he was absolutely fascinated by Azimuth’s wonderful Mr. Roboto timepiece. I also feel he will be captivated by the wonderful robot sculptures by Hervé Stadelmann.

Although I tend to do a massive amount of research to find inspiration for my reviews it is always great to receive a helping hand. That is why I was delighted to receive a press release from M.A.D. Gallery showcasing the talents of Hervé Stadelmann. This talented artist originates from Switzerland and creates his unique sculptures in his La Chaux-de-Fonds work shops. I was fortunate to visit this picturesque region when I visited a renowned watchmaker two years ago. Therefore, I can envisage Hervé creating his beautiful robot sculptures, whilst taking in some of the world’s finest scenery.

Like all the the products exhibited at M.A.D. Gallery there is an air of exclusivity. Hervé Stadelmann’s are no exception and are fabricated from the finest materials like copper, aluminum and zinc. Impressively they are handcrafted with traditional tools (pliers, shears, and hammers) without the intervention of electronic machinery, which involves 80 labour intensive hours of work. Dimensionally they are also designed to make a bold statement and measure an average of height of 70cm.

Certainly, Hervé Stadelmann’s sculptures are not going to appeal to everyone but I think they are absolutely marvelous. I can also picture on display in many of the fabulous architect designed homes I feature on Total Design Reviews.

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