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Aventi A-11 Royal Blue Sapphire

One of the main advancements in the world of horology is the use of contemporary materials. In fact, this topic absolutely fascinates me because it has influenced brands to create larger and bolder timepieces. As a designer, it has also encouraged me to produce several bespoke timepieces. One of the latest was model called the Kaleidoscopic that was fabricated from a multi-coloured carbon composite (previously never used in the industry). As well as lightweight alloys and carbons exclusive watchmakers have become captivated by sapphire crystal. Probably the main proponents are Hublot (Big Bang Unico Sapphire) and Richard Mille (RM 52-01 Blue Sapphire Skull Tourbillon) who are now experimenting with coloured sapphire. The results are outstanding but so is the price point. That’s why I was intrigued to hear about Aventi’s phenomenal A-11 Royal Blue Sapphire.

Over the last few months, I have had several conversations with Hannu Siren, who’s the Chief Designer and founder of Aventi. The general concept was to offer buyers exclusive designs and luxury materials at affordable prices. The company have enjoyed phenomenal success on crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter. Due to the overwhelming demand for their Cerakote ceramic coated titanium A-10, they have established a concierge service. Essentially clients can only purchase a timepiece by personal concierge appointment. In essence, you can actually attain the boutique experience from the comfort of your living room. However, if you desire the A-11 Royal Blue Sapphire expect to wait until at least December 2020.

In the last couple of years, sapphire crystal has become a real favourite of high-end watchmakers. The transparent aesthetic qualities allow the recipient to view the mechanical movement from multiple angles. Probably at the forefront is Richard Mille who is renowned for creating extraordinary Avant-Garde timepieces. They have changed the horological landscape by using lightweight alloys and carbon composites. However, they raised the bar even higher with the $2.5million RM 52-01 Blue Sapphire Skull Tourbillon. This watch is truly spectacular and is an example of exemplary Swiss craftsmanship. Unfortunately, most people will never get to see this piece let alone own one. That makes A-11 Royal Blue Sapphire even more attractive because it’s actually attainable.

The A-11 Royal Blue Sapphire adopts the same design as the other A-10 models and is also powered by the same Caliber 3450 tourbillon movement (from Hong Kong-based PTS Resources). However, what you are getting with this flagship model is the rare opportunity to own a blue sapphire crystal watch for under $10,000. This watch won’t appeal to everyone because of the contemporary façade and epic proportions (55.5mm x 48.5mm by 13mm-thick). In conclusion, if you like distinctive timepieces, they don’t come much bolder than this one.

For more information about the A-11 Royal Blue Sapphire follow this link

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