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DOOGEE S86 Smartphone

A couple of weeks ago my 11-year old son convinced his mother to buy him an iPhone 12. He has coveted this device for a long time so is obviously delighted. At the moment Apple and Samsung have a stranglehold on the market and so new releases are highly anticipated. For the last few years, it has been rumoured that screens will be fabricated from sapphire crystal. This would make the phone a lot more resistant to scratches and bumps. However, probably due to manufacturing costs this hasn’t happened yet and it probably isn’t on the immediate horizon. Another issue is battery output, which often depletes very quickly when using a lot of data. Enter the new S86 smartphone from DOOGEE that claims to have addressed these issues.

For those that are not familiar with the name DOOGEE, they are the market leader in Rugged Phones. In fact, they have been trading since 2013 and have signed partnerships with prestigious soccer clubs like Villareal C.F. Their latest offering is a distinctive robust smartphone called the S86. Certainly, based on the specifications this phone is definitely worth serious consideration.

Aesthetically the DOOGEE S86 has a very rugged appearance that should appeal to a broad demographic. This smartphone is exceptionally durable due to the structural case and choice of Gorilla glass. Essentially this makes it resistant to occasional drops and the rigours of nature. Ultimately that’s why this phone is an ideal choice for adventurers. The S86 also has a massive 8500mAh battery, which gives recipients 4-days between charges. It also supports 29-hours of call time and a standby of up to 27-days. Other features include a 16MP camera and is powered by an Helio P60-octa-core processor.

If you want a robust smartphone with high-performance features at an affordable price ($179.99) look no further than the DOOGEE S86.

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