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Crazy Clifftop House Concepts

Recently I completed my 7th and 8th books about concrete residential homes and CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) commercial structures. For both books, I wanted to include a diverse selection of projects with exceptional design merit. This wasn’t as easy as it appeared on the surface because of copyright restrictions and completion dates. Finally, after months of research, I compiled a definitive list that everybody agreed on.

Presently architects are pushing the boundaries with more industrial fabrics and innovative designs. Previously they would have to await completion of the project before employing a professional photographer to take images. However, in the digital world, we live in architects can now create insane concepts using computer-generated images (CGI). Essentially, this means there are no boundaries at all. One of the most popular genres at the moment are clifftop houses. I’ve seen many insane visuals on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. At first glance, you could be deceived into thinking these were real-life homes. The attention to detail is exceptional and the quality is super realistic.

Here are six of my favourite crazy concept homes that defy gravity and maybe aren’t even structurally possible. However, despite the impracticality (especially for vertigo sufferers), the designs are absolutely phenomenal.

Casa Brutale Opa Works – Cliff House

Jaime Moreno Vicente Kirarq-infoarquitectura – Cliff House

JWT- Insane Cliff House

Modscape Concept – Cliff House

Neezo Renders – Cliff House

The Line – Lonely House

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