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Angular Momentum Blue Green & Bronze

Over the last 6 months I have been working on a diverse range of projects including a book about independent watchmakers. From the very outset (when I first established my website) I have always been captivated by this subject. The world of horology is an ever changing landscape that has recently experienced a financial down turn. Certainly devices like the Apple watch (smart technology in general) has had an impact but they are not the only factor involved. Essentially beautifully crafted timepieces are considered a luxury and not a necessity. However, for me wearing a striking watch is part of my DNA so I would always make this investment.

Originally when I started writing about horology Martin Pauli gave me some great advice. He is a fine watchmaker based in Bern, Switzerland that trades under the name Angular Momentum. Like many other craftsmen/artists Martin has many different styles including classical, technical and freehand. The latter is certainly my favourite because the dimensions and scale of the timepieces are much larger. The designs are also bolder and often very minimalistic. Over the years this experimental approach has yielded some extraordinary results including the Polyphemos and formidable ‘Blue Green & Bronze’.

When I first saw the ‘Blue Green & Bronze’ on the popular Facebook group Premium Mechanical Microbrands I was pretty blown away. Martin Pauli always produces oversized watches in his Freehand but this one has to be the largest. Dimensionally the timepiece has a ginormous 55mm x 28mm (excluding the crown) solid bronze case. For a watch this size it does feel surprisingly comfortable and that is because of the moulded design. However, you might struggle to wear this creation with a dinner suit to a formal occasion.

Visually the ‘Blue Green & Bronze’ is minimalistic and that is integral to the overall success of the design. What makes this timepiece so unique is the dial and inner casing has been coated with a generous layer of blue/green lume. Therefore, the watch is easily readable in very dark conditions as it emits a powerful glow. Another clever touch is the lume coated markers, which are positioned on the bezel. All these refined details are aesthetically pleasing and make this a remarkable timepiece. Powering the watch is a vintage Swiss made mechanical hand-winding (Caliber FHF 96) movement with a two-day power reserve.

For more information, about Angular Momentum follow this link

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