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Florian Schlumpf Time Machines

As my wife is a senior physician, people naturally assume that I am a doctor. Her occupation is exceptionally demanding as she specializes in Brain injury rehabilitation. Generally she isn’t that interested in design, however, at the hospital they do display a lot of artwork and even have a beautiful secluded garden with sculptures. Another positive is patients are encouraged to paint pictures and get involved in general creative activities. As a very visual person I feel this will really enhance their quality of life.

As I have mentioned before, my wife always jokes that I prefer style over substance. Certainly I do require functionality in my life but also appreciate just looking at beautiful objects. That is why a conceptual artist like Florian Schlumpf really appeals to me. Not only is his work visually striking but it is also very thought provoking. I can definitely see why these sculptural mechanical pieces have enticed Maximilian Büsser to exhibit at his prestigious Geneva M.A.D. Gallery.

Interestingly Florian Schlumpf has degrees in both art and engineering. In my opinion this combination is the perfect marriage especially if you are devising exceptionally complicated artworks. Originally I made the transition from fine art to writing about horology because of my fascination for mechanical movements. That is why I absolutely love Florian Schlumpf’s creations because they are like skeleton watches on a grand scale. For example, his phenomenal TM2 model stands over 2 meters tall and weighs in at 80KG. In fact, he even developed an enormous (5-meter tall) Four-Quadrant Time Machine installation to occupy the inner hallway at Baselworld 2015.

There is something mesmerizing about Florian Schlumpf’s giant kinetic metal sculptures. I haven’t seen them personally but I can imagine just watching the passage of time would be captivating. The creative process begins by developing prototypes and testing various components. In contrast to my paintings these works of art require very accurate mathematical calculations to ensure optimum performance. This can take several weeks (or even months) depending on the complexity of the project. That is why these amazing pieces are highly exclusive, expensive and reserved only for the most discerning clientele.

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