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Eves & Gray Tattooed Shoe Collection

As many of my readers are aware I am a huge admirer of Tim Waring and what he’s achieved with Eves & Gray. Not only has Tim designed many sensational shoes, but he has also branched out into furniture and more recently stylish waterproof jackets. A couple of years ago I introduced him to Max Van Brauge and they co-created some exquisite Swiss mechanical timepieces. In return, Tim connected me with a very clever gentleman called Pan Yiannakou, who has invented a special method of printing onto leather. The best way to describe this patented technique is as a ‘digital tattoo’.

When I first spoke to Pan Yiannakou I explained my exclusive jacket concept and he seemed very receptive. Effectively I wanted to print industrial digital textures like concrete, steel, wood, bronze, marble etc. onto leather. Fast forward a year and two bespoke Italian Nappa blazers have been completed and I am launching a brand called Morley Rose. The results are outstanding and much more superior to any other leather printing techniques on the market. For a start, it is much more durable because it is embossed (rather than a layer of film) and also fade resistant. Ultimately, this why Tim Waring (Eves & Gray) has invested in this amazing technology for a range of customised luxury shoes.

So far Eves & Gray have made several show pieces to illustrate the versatility of this application. For review purposes, it was a tough choice because there were options like red hot chilli’s floral compositions and distinctive abstract paint techniques. However, in the end, I opted for a flamboyant pair of customised ‘Bearcat’ brogue boots with a wonderful green tartan pattern. Certainly, these shoes are exceptionally high quality and remind me of the work of iconic British designer Vivienne Westwood and Dr. Martin boots (Tim’s main influence.

As a special touch, Tim Waring has signed each pair of these exclusive customised shoes, which I am sure will become signature pieces in any collection. Prices start at £800 (approximately $1,009) and take around 2 months to manufacture. For more information visit the company’s website

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