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Ciclotte Exercise Bike

Since I had my accident in March 2014 I have made a much more conscious effort to keep in shape. Being in a wheelchair for nearly 6 months really makes you evaluate your life and health in general. That is why I do long and frequent daily walks. Previously I have paid a lot of money for gym memberships over the years.  Even though most of them had excellent facilities I still found it hard to motivate myself to train on a regular basis. That is why many people purchase fitness equipment for the home environment. The problem is that most of these machines look unsightly and have to be stored away after usage. However, if money is not a consideration then Ciclotte have the right solution.


Previously I have never been interested in purchasing an exercise bike because they take up too much space. They general become a garage fixture that ends up gathering dust. That is why I was instantly intrigued when I first saw Ciclotte’s marvellous exercise bike. This distinctive creation looks more like an Objet d’art than a fitness machine. Ultimately this is what industrial product designer Luca Schieppati aspired to achieve. In fact, his initial (Ciclò) prototype is now permanently on exhibit at the Italian Design Museum of “La Triennale” in Milan.


Like most things in life quality normally comes at a premium. This exercise bike is constructed from the finest material like carbon, steel and aluminium. It also has an advanced electro magnetic epicycloids transmission system. That is why you will have to part with €8,565 (approximately $9,755) of your hard earned cash to purchase this amazing creation.


Presently Ciclotte have collaborated with companies like Tonino Lamborghini, Swarovski and Roberto Cavalli to produce some exclusive limited edition versions. I really don’t know if this exercise will improve your fitness level or be a good motivator. Nevertheless, it will definitely be a cool addition to anyone’s home.



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