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Sequent SuperCharger 2.1 Premium HR

Several years ago Hyetis announced they had developed the World’s first Swiss mechanical smartwatch. The model called the Crossbow had a modernistic design and featured a 41MP camera. Launched on Kickstarter the brand (owned by Arny Kapshitzer) managed to get an enormous amount of media coverage. In fact for a price of $1,200 it seemed too good to be true. In this instance it was and the ‘Crossbow’ never went into production. This left a lot of potential buyers very frustrated. Fortunately Swiss label Sequent has delivered on its promise with the stylish SuperCharger 2.1 Premium HR priced at $489

Over the last few months, I have had several conversations with Sequent’s CEO Adrian Buchmann. Since 2015 he has also run an independent watch and luxury product design consultancy called Fuzion. Before this, he was head of product design at Christopher Ward London. Therefore it is no surprise that the SuperCharger 2.1 won ‘Product of the Year 2019’ at the prestigious Red Dot awards. Here’s the jury’s statement “A smartwatch equipped with a hybrid charging system is an exciting, innovative idea whose sustainability is convincing”.

Very kindly Adrian Buchmann consented to ship me over SuperCharger 2.1 Premium HR for review purposes. Certainly, in the metal, the watch massively exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Back in 2015 at Baselworld, everyone was talking about smartwatches. At that time the concern was that devices from Apple, Fitbit and Garmin would have a serious impact on the watch industry. Therefore, many brands decided to release their own versions. Even Yvan Arpa (ArtyA, Romain Jerome) got in on the act by designing a model for Samsung. However, in my opinion, the SuperCharger trumps them all because it offers the best of both worlds.

A few years ago I reviewed another Red Dot award-winning watch called the Ventura Sparc Sigma MGS. At the time it was released (circa 2014) it was well ahead of its time. This multi-functional timepiece was powered by a Swiss mechanical movement + innovative ‘Micro Generating System’ (MGS). With the SuperCharger, Sequent has advanced this concept even further and that really impressed Red Dot. In fact, they have created a beautiful 42mm polished steel dress watch with a unique self-charging mechanism. However, even if you didn’t utilise all the cutting edge technology it could be worn daily.

It’s not surprising that the SuperCharger 2.1 was fully funded on Kickstarter. Sequent offered many different variants including the Sapphire Blue, which is my personal favourite. As well as basic functions (hours, minutes) the watch features activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, distance monitoring and calorie counter. This stylish timepiece is also compatible with iOS and Android devices and waterproof to a depth of 50 metres. The model I reviewed is presented on a high-quality brown Horween leather strap.

For more information about the SuperCharger 2.1 Premium HR follow this link

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