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Casa Bugatti ‘Noun’

In recent times the kitchen has become the heart of most homes. In fact, architects go to extraordinary lengths to create large open plan areas to satisfy the needs of the modern family. This means bespoke cabinetry and top of the range appliances. It now seems the norm for kitchens to be equipped with several ovens. Brands have really capitalised on this by designing really high-end accessories. A great example is the ‘Noun’ by Casa Bugatti. This company was founded over 90-years ago and trades under the name Ilcar di Bugatti S.r.l.

On hearing the name Bugatti, you could be forgiven for associating it with the high-end automotive brand. Certainly, it would make sense to make that connection because both companies focus on innovative design. It’s also pertinent to mention that Bentley and Rolls Royce produce accessories, furniture etc. However, in this instance Casa Bugatti is a completely different entity.

As a design writer I strive to showcase innovative products on Total Design Reviews. The ‘Noun’ by Casa Bugatti epitomes everything that inspires me. This is wonderful product that not only looks sensational but also is highly functional. The concept was the vision of Clemente Bugatti (designed by Andreas Seegatz) who is a fourth generation of the Bugatti family. He had a eureka moment on business trip to Chicago. Essentially aircrafts use a transparent ceramic coating on the windscreens to avoid micro particles sticking. This was catalyst for creating an exciting way of cooking in glass transparency. Basically, it works by emitting far-infrared rays (FIR) to regulate the temperature efficiently.

When I first saw promos for the ‘Noun’ it was marketed as a state-of-the-art toaster. Certainly, it makes fantastic toast and the experience is visually dazzling. However, you would be selling this innovative appliance massively short if it was categorised in this way. In fact, this a multi-functional appliance that cooks a variety of foods. Essentially, meat, fish, vegetables and bread, can be cooked at the desired temperature, (122°F to 572°F) via the intelligent touch screen console. It’s also exceptionally easy to clean by removing the detachable glass panels. Really this products does have it all.

If you want something extraordinary for your kitchen that will turn heads, then I would highly recommend the ‘Noun’.

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