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Mallinger Constructions Curl Curl

At the moment various states in Australia are subject to snap lockdowns. Last week Adelaide encountered its first lockdown due to the aggressive Delta strain. As a freelance writer, it didn’t really affect me because I can work from home. It’s also pertinent to mention that South Australian residents were able to exercise for 90 minutes a day. By comparison to New South Wales, we got of lightly. Certain areas of Sydney are expected to be in lockdown until September. This will have a severe impact on restaurants, bars and the construction industry. Fortunately, local building firm Mallinger Constructions received some fantastic news in these very challenging times. There ‘Curl Curl’ was awarded won the coveted HIA–CSR Australian Home of the Year at the 2021 HIA-CSR Australian Housing Awards.

Presently I am writing my 9th book, which is the second edition of my successful ‘Luxury Design for Living’ book. For the architecture chapter, I wanted to include homes that display exceptional design merit. Certainly ‘Curl Curl’ from Mallinger Constructions fits the bill. As well as winning the HIA–CSR Australian Home of the Year 2021 this amazing property was featured on ‘Grand Designs Australia’.

What really impressed the judges was Mallinger Construction engineering ingenuity. This residence is situated on a very steep site with a decline of more than 17 metres. They also were impressed with a plunge pool cut into the rock and the overall quality of the workmanship. Certainly ‘Curl Curl’ is a world-class home, which most of us can only dream of.

‘Curl Curl’ is a geometric multi-level home that is designed for the needs of a modern family. This is why the living area occupies the top level to maximise views of the Northern Beaches and sweeping southeast views to south head. Mallinger Constructions have used form concrete, zinc, recycled timber and glass to great effect. Internally, the minimalistic theme is continued with a range of organic materials.

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