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Kaal Watch Multiverse Collection

A few years ago I visited Singapore with my family and stayed in a beautiful hotel on Orchard Road. For those who are not familiar with this amazing city, Orchard Road is really the epicentre. In fact, it’s one of the most vibrant shopping experiences I have ever encountered. The trip was part business and part pleasure. However, it’s probably pertinent to mention that writing about beautiful products is a privilege and highly enjoyable. Whilst I was in Singapore I got the chance to meet a friend of mine called Alvin Lye. Probably most people know him as the co-founder (with Chris Long) of avant-garde Swiss brand Azimuth. However, as I discovered Alvin has also entered into a different venture like Kaal Watch. Interestingly this is a partnership with his lovely wife Jessie Yeo and acclaimed blogger Alvin Lew.

In the years I’ve known Alvin he’s always been a creative powerhouse. What he and Chris Long have accomplished with Azimuth is pretty phenomenal. In my opinion, employing Giuseppe Picchi as a technical director was a masterstroke. Recently, I got the opportunity to review their magnificent ‘Spaceship Predator Lava OverLand’ and was hugely impressed. With KAAL Watches, Alvin is following a similar theme with his distinctive Multiverse collection. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the models from the range called ‘Sol’. Certainly, this amazing 42mm 316L steel watch massively exceeded my expectations in the metal.

The three founders came up with a catchy brand name KAAL, which means “Time” in Sanskrit. Within the Multiverse collection, there are three distinctive models called the Artemis (Moon), Gaea (Earth) and Sol (Sun). All of the watches have a striking resemblance to ‘Globetrotter’ from Arnold & Son. However, whereas the ‘Globetrotter’ (steel version) is $16,995 the multiverse comes in at $699. In my opinion, this is exceptional value for a watch of this calibre. It’s rare to a timepiece at this price point with features like Adventurine base dial, 3D Astronomical object and dome sapphire crystal.

To keep this watch at an affordable price point KAAL has opted to use a Japanese Seiko automatic movement rather than a more expensive Swiss alternative. The Calibre NH35 comprises 24-jewels and oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour. This mechanism is visibly showcased via discreet sapphire crystal porthole window on the case back. Functionally, the Multiverse models feature hours (transparent disc) minutes (Northern Star Tip) and seconds (Sweeping Upright with Orb). The watches are also water-resistant to a depth of 30-metres and have a power reserve of 41-hours. As a perfect finale, the timepieces are presented on a premium Horween genuine leather strap with complimentary steel buckle.

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