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Unagi Model One

Over the years I have had the opportunity to review many amazing products. Back in 2016, I wanted to combine my passion for design, architecture, horology and automobiles. The result was a book entitled ‘Luxury Design for Living’. To strike exactly the right balance involved a lot of fastidious hours of research. Certainly, it paid off because the book sold over 10,000 copies worldwide. Rather than do a reprint my Pennsylvania based publisher Schiffer Books decided to commission a second edition. This was music to my ears because there are so many new exciting products on the market. A great example can be found in Model One by Unagi.

In the five years since I wrote the first edition of ‘Luxury Design for Living’ electric technology has really advanced. In fact, many automobile companies are now focusing purely on developing electric cars. For that reason, a product like the Model One is absolutely bang on-trend. Essentially Unagi has created a really cool electric scooter that has the capacity to go 25km per hour. These are pretty impressive statistics when you realise it only weighs 12kg. This makes it the ideal portable device to take in all modes of transport.

Scooters are now playing a big part in urban areas and many companies have products for hire. However, there is something cool about owning your own scooter and they don’t come much better than the ‘Model One’. A few days ago, Unagi sent me a review unit and I was surprised how easy it was to assemble. The reason I wanted to include this product in the second edition of my ‘Luxury Design for Living book is because of the minimalistic design. Unagi has stuck to basic design principles without trying to overcomplicate things. In my opinion that is integral to the success of this product.

The ‘Model One’ I received was the ‘Cosmic Blue’ variant, which has a stylish metallic finish. However, within the range, there are other shades like Scarlet Fire, Sea Salt and Matte Black depending on your preference. What makes this product so special is the high-quality materials used in construction. Unagi has combined lightweight fabrics like magnesium alloy and carbon fibre. These materials are normally associated with the aerospace or high-end automotive industry.

In term of operation, the Model One is very easy to use. The handlebar has a central console with a highly legible LED display. This facility operates the throttle, brake, horn, and LED headlight. Other features include a patented one-button folding system, dual 250-watt motors, an intuitive braking system and a non-slip deck. Overall I feel this is an exceptional scooter with a long-life battery. To recharge simply insert the USB connector into the side and plug in the mains.

The Model One from Unagi has a suggested retail price of $1,695AU with free shipping throughout Australia. For more information about the sensational scooter follow this link

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