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Feline Motorcycles

For the last few years I have primarily written articles on my own website and for many magazines about mechanical timepieces. The thing that stimulated my interest initially was the watchmakers in this field were becoming a lot more adventurous. When creating a timepiece there are serious restrictions like scale and technology. Obviously all designers face obstacles but not to the same degree. However this doesn’t make their work any less impressive by any means.


Recently I connected (via LinkedIn) with an industrial designer called Yacouba Galle. Interestingly he has made the transition from being a pilot to become a creative type. Like most artists, Yacouba draws inspiration from the objects surrounding him. Essentially these influences are then shaped into a cohesive and original design. A great example is a modernistic motorcycle called the Feline One.


As I mentioned in a previous article about ArtyA’s wonderful UFO Motorcycle, I have never had the desire to actually ride a bike. This doesn’t mean I can’t be objective when writing these articles about the design. Ultimately what Yacouba Galle has created is a piece of mechanical modern art that will appeal to a lot of people. What makes this motorcycle so special is the selection of high-grade materials like titanium, carbon and aerospace grade aluminium. This means that this bike is exceptionally lightweight and weighs only 155KG.


Visually the Feline One is one of the best motorcycles I have ever seen. I love the futuristic appearance that the créateur hopes will attract the interest of the Hollywood movie industry. With only 50 numbered models due for production, this stunner comes at a massive premium. Prices will start from: $ 280,000.



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