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Studio Wandolec 1908 Vintage Omega Spider Skeleton Watch

For years I have written about horology and am fascinated by the mechanical engineering that powers these watches. Certainly if you can afford to buy Haute Horlogerie you can get something pretty extraordinary. Even if the brands don’t actually manufacture the calibers in house (which is mostly the case) they are completely exclusive. However, for most people (including myself) these prices are beyond the realms of possibility. This is why I feel micro brands like RPaige, Vortic, Torsten Nagengast and Angular Momentum have triumphed. Rather than use an off the shelf ETA movement they have opted to use vintage mechanisms instead. In my opinion this shrewd decision has yielded some pretty decent results.

Recently I have discovered several companies that are converting old pocket watches into wearable wrist art. One of the finest has to be Ukraine based business Studio Wandolec that is owned and operated by Boris Sagaydak. What makes this brand so impressive is that they specialize in creating unique 1/1 timepieces with extraordinary vintage mechanical movements. A great example is a remarkable Omega skeleton dating back to 1908. Fortunately, I was very privileged to get access to this wonderful piece.

Generally, I love larger watches and so the dimensions on this 1908 Vintage Omega Spider Skeleton really appeal to me. The timepiece (which was originally a pocket watch) has a chromed steel case measuring 53mm x 17mm, that excludes the crown. However, these generous proportions suit the piece and perfectly frames the exquisite gold skeletonised spiders web dial. This characteristic is pretty extraordinary and the hand engraving/decoration is sublime. I love features like the sculptural spider, steel Breguet-style hands and blue crystal markers (which indicate hours) on the bezel. It is the amazing craftsmanship of Boris Sagaydak (and his Studio Wandolec team) that have accomplished this amazing achievement.

When you purchase a timepiece like this you have to treat it with uttermost respect. Like most vintage watches they are very fragile and are not water/shock resistant in any way. Essentially these are pieces of mechanical art that should be worn on very special occasions. However, I feel the investment is worthwhile because you are buying a piece of Swiss Watchmaking history. The movement on 1908 Vintage Omega Spider Skeleton is entirely handcrafted in La Chaux-de-Fonds. If you commissioned an artisan to produce an equivalent piece it would cost an absolute fortune.

Essentially Studio Wandolec specialize in restoring/upcycling vintage Swiss mechanical movements and converting them into original timepieces. They are also very reasonably priced considering what you are getting.

To buy one of these sensational historical Swiss timepieces visit the company’s website 

You can also follow Wandolec on Facebook and eBay

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