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Recently I launched an exclusive leather jacket brand called ‘Morley Rose’ using cutting edge print technology. As part of the project, I wanted to create a series of supporting artworks, which create an exciting narrative. As the jackets have a futuristic aesthetic I want to replicate this in all the compositions. For the first few pieces, I featured a brilliant NFT bike by renowned German automotive designer Harald Belker. The results were very successful and Harald was impressed with the overall composition. This gave me the confidence to contact a range of other designers such as architect Lucy Lago.

I first became aware of the talents of architect Lucy Lago via LinkedIn. Originating from Siberia she is the founder and principal of LUCY LAGO’s studio. This business is located
on the picturesque island of Zakynthos, in Greece. Impressively her multi-discipline practice (multi-faceted, experiential residential, hospitality, commercial) involves working with clients worldwide. However, the project that most is familiar with is her futuristic home concept called Villa Thea.

The concept of Villa Thea was to create a divine place that maximises life on the glamorous island of Zakynthos. Lucy Lago explained that her philosophy of the project is to find a balance between the architectural design and the environment. For that reason, the villa has flowing natural forms and subtle curvaceous forms throughout. In fact the villa seems to float on the expanse of the mountain hill of the Keri region. This residence is an absolute masterpiece and that’s why I was very keen to incorporate it into one of my artworks.

Presently, Villa Thea is a visual concept, which illustrates the extent of Lucy Lago’s extraordinary talents. However, for 6,000,000 euros (follow this link) the right client can get the residence of their dreams. Villa Thea is a 670 square metre home that comprises an open plan living, dining and kitchen area, 8 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, gym, cellar, storage, large swimming pool, garden and parking areas. Internally the theme is replicated and with a variety of organic shapes, curvaceous and flowing lines are part of the space. Lucy has envisioned a palette of selected white, shades, glass and reflective surfaces. This exploits magnificent panoramic sea views from the large expansive windows.

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