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David Groenjes

Although I have a certain skillset traditional artisan crafts are well beyond my remit. Back in 1994, I purchased several mirrors from a gentleman called Benjamin F Lloyd. This began a lifelong passion for the art of metalwork. Subsequently, I have commissioned several craftsmen to make beds, benches and dining tables. On top of this also have a large 3-metre metal fish sculpture in my living room, which is fabricated from reclaimed agricultural salvage. For that reason, the amazing works of Wisconsin (United States) based artist David Groenjes really stimulated my interest.

As an artist, I have always used traditional mediums like oil paints to create artworks. Due to the number of layers involved to achieve a super-realistic effect they can take several months to complete. That’s why digital technology has become so enticing because professional artwork can be produced very quickly. My latest series of artworks are linked to an exclusive leather jacket brand called ‘Morley Rose’. The model is a futuristic chrome avatar that travels to different planets. To achieve the correct aesthetic I have collaborated with renowned architects (Lucy Lago) and designers like Harald Belker. As part of the composition, I envisioned alien type animals and David Groenjes’s phenomenal metalwork sculptures totally fitted the bill.

When I recently spoke to David Groenjes he explained he has loved art, in many forms, for as long ago as he can remember. Impressively he cultivated skills as a mechanic and welder. These were developed while working on various vehicle restoration projects over the years. Putting bespoke artistic touches into a vehicle was the catalyst for leaving the automotive industry and establishing himself as a sculptor. Effectively, David discovered that scrap pieces of metal and discarded car parts could be transformed into a piece of art.

Most people think that metal is a cold, raw, and unyielding material. However, David Groenjes’s work has a warmth and beauty about it. Playful subjects include a range of different insects, dogs, fish and a striking Raven bird. Very kindly David has allowed me to incorporate his wonderful pieces in several of my forthcoming artworks.

For more information about David Groenjes follow this link

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