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Recently my Pennsylvanian publisher Schiffer commissioned me to write my 9th book. Over the last few years, I have developed a great working relationship with owner Pete Schiffer. That’s why I was delighted when he suggested writing a second volume of my ‘Luxury Design for Living’ book rather than a reprint. The first edition was written nearly 6-years ago, and technology has massively advanced. Certainly, in the automotive sector, the industry is now focusing on electric-powered cars. Even lifestyle products like scooters (Unagi Model One) now have dual electric engines and fast-charging batteries. However, it’s not just these industries that have progressed as I discovered with MENSE-KORTE state of the art Hous3Demo.

When writing a book one of the most crucial ingredients is extensive research. Fortunately, Schiffer Books (in particular Pete Schiffer) has always given me complete creative autonomy. Ultimately, that means the inclusions can be based on merit rather than brand status. A few weeks ago, I saw a post on LinkedIn showcasing a 3D printed house. Initially, I thought this was a gimmick or a publicity stunt. However, I am glad to say that Hous3Demo by MENSE-KORTE is the real deal.

Back in 2015, I created a bespoke watch with renowned jet engineer Frank Heydrich called the Polaris. To save time we decided to 3D print the case from titanium, which was progressive for the time. At that stage, I never envisaged an architect would actually print an entire house from concrete. However, MENSE-KORTE with the assistance of Peri 3D Construction has made this a reality.

Impressively, this is the first 3D concrete printed residential building in Germany. The curvaceous design of the building is very appealing and could definitely be used as a template for future homes. The construction technique is almost similar to modelling with plasticine in the fact layer are built in a tubular form. This creates a very cool textured both internally and externally. Inside the use of wooden flooring and bespoke black cabinetry gives the house a very modernistic appearance.

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