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TANE x Veuve Clicquot Day of the Dead Limited Edition 2021

As the weather improves in South Australia I’m am looking forward to doing more days trips. One of my favourite pastimes is going for picnics in secluded locations. Probably my ideal location is Hallett Cove, which is a coastal suburb 21km east of Adelaide. What makes this destination so special is the elevated clifftop views of the sea. Numerous times I have spotted Whales and Dolphins basking in the water. I normally take an old wicker basket with wine and food. However, if you want something extraordinarily extravagant, then look no further than the TANE x Veuve Clicquot Day of the Dead Limited Edition 2021.

I first became aware of TANE Mexico 1942 whilst researching for my latest book about luxury design. As the name suggests the business has an interesting heritage dating back to 1942. Over the last 80-years, the brand has been synonymous with stunning pieces of jewellery for women and men. In fact, the company is so proud of their achievements they describe them as “contemporary objects of the highest quality, as well as museum-worthy art pieces”.

Recently the company has diversified slightly and ventured in the luxury goods market. In fact, they have done a series of collaborations including a very exclusive one with Champagne brand Veuve Clicquot. the TANE x Veuve Clicquot Day of the Dead Limited Edition 2021 is the sort of product that wouldn’t be out of place on a superyacht. Every detail has been carefully considered and the choice of materials is uncompromising. Instead of using conventional cowhide for the trunk TANE have opted for a more unusual vegan leather made from the Nopal cactus. This plant-based alternative from DESSERTO® is renowned for having thick and resistant skin.

TANE x Veuve Clicquot Day of the Dead 2021 is a limited and numbered edition (24 pieces) trunk inspired by the shape of a 360º altar. Essentially this detail acts as the centrepiece for this unique product. All silver items are inspired by the ultimate icon of Day of the Dead. This includes the marigold flower, which is handmade by TANE Mexico 1942 in sterling silver and 23K yellow gold vermeil. There are also two bottles of Veuve Clicquot (La Grande Dame Brut 2008) 4 Veuve Clicquot glasses, 1 sterling silver + 23K yellow gold vermeil Champagne bucket and 2 sterling silver trays. At a retail price of $15,699 this really is decadence in its purest form.

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