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Jackson, Clements, Burrows Architects Moonlight Cabin

I have watched literally every single episode of the ground breaking series Grand Designs UK. Over the years this TV programme has showcased many phenomenal architect designed homes. However, many of the residences featured are beyond the reach of most buyers including myself. In fact, the owners seem to be able to conjure significant funds (seemingly from thin air) when these developments go massively over budget. Certainly this does make interesting television but does leave viewers frustrated that these homes are unattainable. Recently it seems the producers have recognised this fact and focused on more reasonably priced projects.

Last year my 6th book entitled ‘Australia Modern’ was published and also won a gold medal award. As well as featuring hugely extravagant residences my editor has also requested smaller properties. Ultimately the concept is about diversity with a strong focus on innovative design. Essentially this is why I have selected Moonlight Cabin from award winning Melbourne based company Jackson, Clements, Burrows Architects.

Normally if you have an unlimited budget and hire the services of a renowned architect the results are going to be pretty special. However, if finances are restricted and the plot size is small it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to accomplish something out of the ordinary. Ultimately Moonlight Cabin illustrates this point because the building size is only 60 square metres. This is diminutive compared to a lot of Australian homes that are now the largest in the world.

What makes Moonlight Cabin so remarkable is the exceptional level of detail. The property is beautifully presented and designed to accommodate the demands of a small modern family. Features like the Spotted Gum screening are highly effective and open up to reveal breathtaking coastal views. Internally the residence is presented to the highest possible standard with bespoke cabinetry and wonderful suspended fireplace. Certainly I would move into this exceptional dwelling tomorrow without any hesitation.

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