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Maniera Architect and Associates Port House

After many delays and controversy, the Tokyo Olympics have officially started. Compared to previous years it should be a bit surreal because crowds are not permitted. This illustrates the devastating ongoing effect the global pandemic is having on nations. However, it also illustrates that in times of adversity people really pull together. Japan is a region I have always dreamed of visiting and post Covid maybe it will become a reality. What makes this country so special is the food, culture and high-speed train system. This all come’s at price and Japan is one of the world’s most expensive countries to reside in. Therefore it’s not surprising that land comes at a premium so architects have to design innovative solutions. A great example is Port House by Maniera Architect and Associates Port House.

Port House is situated in the Rokurokusocho, which is located in Ashiya Shi region of Hyogo Ken, Japan. Impressively, this dwelling is situated on a hill and takes in spectacular views of Mount Kabuto and Osaka. Port House was constructed by Maniera Architect and Associates in 2019. This residence occupies three levels and has an internal footprint of 195 square metres. By comparison, these proportions are small compared to Australian and US houses but generous for the region.

For the façade of the home Maniera Architect and Associates have used a combination of exposed concrete, white paint and glass to create a modern aesthetic. This theme is continued inside by using the same reflective and textural material. In addition, the architects have also used exposed surfaces of softwood plywood to add cohesion. What makes Port House so special is the view of plants from every room.

Maniera Architect and Associates have created a wonderful home for a couple their son and daughter in law. Port House is divided into three unified spaces. On the first floor is a private space. The second floor is occupied by an open plan living, dining kitchen area. Finally, the floor is a dedicated zone for the son and his wife. To create the illusion of space the house is devoid of walls. For example, the kitchen, living, dining, bathroom and bedrooms are all integrated.

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