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Kichi Architectural Design 14 Days Denmark

I’ve always been a huge film buff and in particular the work of director Frank Capra. This cinematic powerhouse is probably best remembered for his iconic Christmas movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ starring James Stewart. However, he also produced other classic films such as ‘Lost Horizons’. The story is about a diplomat called Robert Conway who is a passenger that encounters a plane crash deep in the Himalayas. He is then escorted by Sherpas to a harmonious valley known as Shangri-La. Here residents live an idyllic existence and eternal youth. Obviously, the majority of these fantasy elements can’t be replicated. However, Kichi Architectural Design has conceived a utopian retreat called 14 Days Denmark.

A few days ago I was contacted by renowned Naoyuki Kikkawa. He is a multi-discipline Japanese architect who specialises in the design of residential homes, hotels, chapels, retail stores, commercial offices and psychiatric hospitals. He is also spearheading the 14 Days Denmark project and wanted me to spread the word. Essentially the ambition is to create a sanctuary on the beautiful shores of Lake Esrum, which borders on a deep forest. This development will be off-grid and utilise renewable energy from solar and wind power. It also aspires to implement a state of the art bioscience water purification and microbial fermentation treatment systems.

14 Days Denmark is a highly ambitious retreat that offers potential residents a vast amount of amenities. Highlights include an activity hall, floating sauna, herbal sauna, organic farm and Japanese restaurant. Within the complex, 60 Womb rooms feature Alpha wave music, Human-centric lighting (HCL), Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and waterbeds for a perfect night’s sleep. This entire splendour is designed to offer the user a wonderful transcendental meditative experience like no other. Customers have the choice of two terms following the phases of the moon. Days are crammed full of Zen-type activities that commence at 6 am and conclude at 10 pm. It’s pertinent to mention this sanctuary is devoid of digital devices such as the internet, computers & tablets, and mobile phones.

As well as architect Naoyuki Kikkawa, there is a project manager (Toru Karasawa) and marketing facilitator (Ami Iwano). Presently 14 Days Denmark is in the concept stage and it is reliant on raising €20,000,000 in capital. This is broken down into €3,000,000 – 5,000,000 for land acquisition and €10,000,000 – 15,000,000 estimated construction costs. To achieve this they have launched a crowdfunding platform offering recipients a range of VIP packages. The team state Our vision “is to create a world where people can live together as their true selves. When each individual’s life is filled with joy and excitement, world peace can be realized”

For more information about 14 Days Denmark and pricing follow this link

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