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Sequent Elektron

Nowadays virtually everyone I meet owns a smartwatch. When I visited Baselworld back in 2015 the main topic was how Apple was going to change the horological landscape. On the back of that many watch brands were releasing their own alternatives. Recently I got the opportunity to review and comprehensively test Apple’s Ultra Watch. Personally, I think it’s the best version they’ve released both from a technological and design point of view. However, traditionalists might not favour the bold futuristic façade that’s a huge departure from the classic wristwatch. For that reason, they may prefer the aesthetic of Sequent’s new Elektron.

The majority of smartwatches rely on frequent electrical charging to enable daily usage. In contrast, Sequent has developed timepieces that derive kinetic energy from the oscillations of a weighted tungsten rotor. This essentially is converted into electrical power. It’s a fantastic concept, which has resonated with watch enthusiasts around the globe. To give a brief history of the brand: Sequent was founded in 2016 by professionals with long experience in the traditional Swiss watch industry. Within the team, there are industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electronics specialists and software developers. They operate from the company’s headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Back in 2021, I featured Sequent’s stylish SuperCharger 2.1 Premium HR. For an entry-level watch retailing at $489, I believe it offered buyers good value for money. Since then the company has developed more sophisticated products like the $795 Elektron. This premium model is housed in a durable, lightweight Grade 2 titanium case measuring 42mm x 14.20 mm. Personally, I prefer much large 50mm + diameter watches. However, the target demographic is most probably the unisex market which favours more classical dimensions. Certainly, this timepiece could be sported with formal and casual attire. I also felt it sat very comfortably on the wrist and therefore would be ideal for daily usage.

Visually the Elektron has a high-quality appearance that will appeal to design aficionados. I absolutely love the transparent dial (with applied SuperLuminova® indexes) that gives the user a delicate glimpse of cutting-edge technology. To the naked eye, the Elektron looks like a traditional dress watch. However, the list of functions is enormous and too long to mention in this review. Highlights include activity tracking, distance monitoring, a heart rate monitor, GPS as well as hours, minutes and seconds. The watch is also water resistant to a depth of 50 meters and has a standby power reserve of up to 18 months.

As a perfect finishing touch the Elektron is offered with a choice of different straps that are available in Eco Tide Ocean material, rubber or leather.

For more information about the Sequent Elektron follow this link

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