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Azimuth Land Cruiser

Like most people, I have a fascination with Science fiction and in particular the movie world. A long, long time ago in a distant universe, I vividly remember watching Star Wars as a child. This film left an indelible imprint on my mind and the original 1977 classic (directed by George Lucas) in my opinion this is the finest example of its genre. I also am amazed that an ambitious project like this was achieved without all the modern CGI (computer-generated images) that modern filmmakers have at their disposal. Nowadays product placement is more visible and even horology has played its part in TV and film. When you think of future worlds or distant galaxies maybe mechanical watchmaking isn’t the first thought that springs to mind. However, if you are a visionary brand like Azimuth it’s not a giant leap. Certainly, this is reflected in their magnificent new ‘Land Cruiser’.

Azimuth co-founder Chris Long says the “Land Cruiser is a testament to Azimuth’s enduring love affair between imagination and science fiction, fused into the realm of horology. It’s a rugged hovercraft with off-road capabilities that embarks on a highly classified military project to a newly formed planet 500 light years away”. It’s a romantic footnote to a project that involved 4 years of fastidious research and development. In my opinion, they have achieved the same aesthetic that ‘Haute Horlogerie’ brands such as De Bethune, MB & F and Urwerk have realised. However, with a price tag of CHF 6,800 (approximately $7,750), the Land Cruiser is much more affordable (relatively speaking) than the aforementioned watchmakers.

What makes the Land Cruiser so special is the satin-brushed scaled-down case (which supersonic aircraft’s afterburner) that has chiselled sides and a top-mounted crown. Time is displayed by the domed wondering hour (12 o’clock position) and via a slanted retrograde minute aperture (6 o’clock position). The 2024 model is reminiscent of the SP-1 Landship, which was inspired by a World War I military tank. However, the Land Cruiser has a more streamlined silhouette that sits more ergonomically on the wrist. Chris Long has taken design cues from the SP-1 Landship without replicating it. In my opinion, this timepiece is one of their most sophisticated to date. For that reason, I would imagine all 100 limited pieces will sell very quickly.

At the heart of the watch is a highly modified Swiss automatic movement supplied by Selita. The Caliber SW200-1 comprises 26 jewels and oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. This exquisite Perlage finished mechanism is visibly showcased via a sapphire crystal exhibition-style window. Functionally the Land Cruiser features regulator hours (via a sapphire crystal dome) and retrograde minutes. The watch also is water resistant to a depth of 30 metres and has a power reserve of 40 hours. To complete the picture the Land Cruiser is presented on a rubber strap with a folding buckle and is housed in a special military ammo box.

For more information about Azimuth follow this link

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