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Angular Momentum ‘Double Eye Spaceship’

On social media, there are several forums focused purely on brass and bronze watches. Dedicated enthusiasts share images of their timepieces in different stages of oxidisation. Some of the most popular brands are Vintage VDB and Kaventsmann. Both these German watchmakers produce bold oversized limited-edition Swiss automatics. However, in my opinion, the leader of the pack is Martin Pauli (who trades under the name Angular Momentum). His freestyle collection is exceptionally progressive and as the name suggests created without the intervention of CNC machines. Previously I’ve reviewed the Blue, Green Lume & Bronze, Polythemos and Polythemos Ebonite.

Recently Martin Pauli included a new addition to the Polythemos family called the ‘Double Eye Spaceship’. The model he’s got advertised on the Angular Momentum has a 46mm case, which is smaller than the Polythemos and Polythemos Ebonite. I suggested to Martin that it would be a cool idea to make a supersize version that has a 55mm diameter. Fortunately, he was very obliging and a few weeks later I received the watch for review. Due to the material and the thickness of this piece, it’s exceptionally heavy and probably too large for most people. However, if you have big wrists this timepiece will make the ultimate design statement.

The Polythemos is one of my personal favourite watches and encapsulates Martin Pauli’s love of the Steampunk genre. In my opinion, the ‘Double Eye Spaceship’ is a natural evolution of the original model. Notable differences include two sapphire windows instead of the original cyclops-type aperture. Time is displayed on two discs (hours on top, minutes on bottom) and is easily legible in daylight. For this special unique 1/1 review version, I asked Martin the position the crown on the left-hand side. In my personal experience, large timepieces with right-hand crowns seem to protrude into the skin, which is very uncomfortable. Overall the composition is refreshingly uncluttered and therefore highly effective.

At the heart of the watch is a historical hand-winding movement from Swiss manufacturer Fontainemelon. The Caliber FHF 96 comprises 17 jewels and oscillates at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour. Functionally the ‘Double Eye Spaceship’ features hours and minutes. The watch also has a power reserve of 48 hours. It’s pertinent to mention that Martin Pauli’s ‘Freestyle’ watches aren’t water resistant. Ultimately they are designed to be novelties that you’d wear on special occasions rather than daily usage. Therefore, they should be treated accordingly to achieve longevity.

As a perfect final touch, the watch is presented on a bespoke tan leather strap (including an additional reclaimed rubber strap) with a patented bronze fastening system.

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