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Over the last few years online advertising has proven to be an exceptionally efficient way for luxury brands to promote their creations. Ultimately the Internet has no geographic boundaries so companies can easily reach a global audience. This type of media offers more flexibility than print as adverts can be customised and adapted to the client’s specifications. Essentially this means artwork can be altered and replaced instantaneously. It also allows the customer the freedom to change their advert as frequently as required. Effectively this proactive marketing solution delivers the product to market immediately. Total Watch Reviews has a broad international readership, which is rapidly increasing. Many watchmakers have shared the links on their own websites and via social media outlets. This has attracted the attention of high-end retailers and prominent watch brands. On that basis many companies have already purchased display banners on the site. As part of an ongoing commitment to the sponsors more capital is being invested to stimulate traffic. There is also the option to target specific areas of the world if necessary. To request a media kit and detailed statistics about the websites overall performance please contact Steve at: steve.huyton@totalwatchreviews.com

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